Thursday, May 30, 2013

So the christening went off on 25 May for X-KISMET, now affectionately named SEA CHANTEY.   The usual suspects were rounded up for the event - we were honored that 'the doctor' was able to come up from South Carolina to take part.   A prayer was given, the gods of the deep were asked to strike the former name from the sea logs, all manner of the former name was properly removed from the craft, care of the vessel and new crew was asked for and King Neptune was appeased with countless libations and volumes of outstand food.
Tamera did the honors of breaking a bottle of the finest champagne money can buy (thanks to  Joe & Moira)  across the bow, asking for a blessing and all was right with the world.    
The next day – admittedly at a slower pace and with a lot less energy – the process of lowering the waterline continued – crazy amounts of stuff no one will ever use and for reasons I can’t imagine ever happening - stuff just kept appearing on deck. 

I see our fuel consumption going from 2 gal/hr to 6gal/hr.  Maybe while no one is looking I can get some of it back to the house before the movers show up.

*(Pictures to follow – when I find the camera in the rubble)  

Some photos - courtesy of Colleen.
Tamera showing some flare

Colleen and me

                                            Sean, Tamera, W.T, Moira, Peter & Joe Kelly

                                                Tamera doing her best Groucho Marx imitation    

Friday, May 24, 2013

“Hey, Kelly - What have ya been doing for the last 80 days?”

Let see…

·         Removed and resealed the fly-bridge canvas

·         Installed an additional VHF


·         Install new anchor rode

·         Added a WIFI antenna

·         Replaced anchor light


·         Installed new galley countertop, plumb galley sink


·         Installed new name boards


·         Installed a 110 /12 volt freezer

·Tammy made new covers for the fenders and freezer, throw pillows, table cloths and the list goes on...

  • Completed a successful career  

·Hosted Kelly-palooza – Thanks to all who came by to wish us well during the 14 day party!  A special THANKS to DAN & HEIDI BOE of the HouseofBoe and my beautiful bride TAMERA - the success of my retirement ceremony and after party would not have been possible without your efforts and generosity – you guys rock!

· Buying lots of necessary and not-so- necessary stuff for the boat - Packed the boat

·Changed out all mechanical system fluids/ filters, clean sea strainers, etc.

·Clean boat bottom/ check zincs

Packed up household goods to go into storage

Went to Philadelphia to celebrate my sister Colleen receiving her PhD. 

·Attend the swearing-in ceremony of our son who has gone off to basic training with the U.S.C.G 

·Still chasing that irritating water leak on the fly-bridge (well above the waterline)

·Build mast pedestal / test out our ability to lower mast  safely
·Learning the boat systems i.e., electrical, plumbing, electronics etc.


So does that mean we are ready to go? … No, but we are going anyways!

The weather has not been very cooperative – lots and lots of rain. But we will be christening the boat Saturday 25 May anyways – may King Neptune give us good weather.   We spent several days loading stuff on the boat – I may need to raise the waterline several inches to compensate. It looks like everything is going to fit; of course we probably will have forgotten something very important. We are planning on leaving in less than two weeks.  The time is drawing near - as soon as the movers finish packing we will be on our way!