Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Slow ride take it easy... mid Chesapeake Bay
 Our chauffer Sean taking us for an afternoon outing  

I have the deck and the con 

Point No Point, VA - another cool outhouse
Tam prepared a fabulous meal open our arrival in Annapolis, MD 
We arrived at Solomon's Island, MD with little fanfare... the ride was a little bumpy... winds out of the west... I think the crew is done with the Chesapeake they are not big fans of the chop that can pop up quickly.  As we arrived dockside the bow thruster failed - the motor is running but the prop ain't doing nothing.  A wise man - Frank Lanier, retired LT USCG, once told me ' there nice - like a girl friend, but don't count on them'.  The docks where fixed - so without much effort I placed a lengthy black skid mark on the port bow - lesson learned - don't count on the bow thruster. Fortunately the Admiral and Swab did an excellent job on deck keeping me from any serious damage.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

22 June 2013 –   First off I have to say this no schedule idea/ thing takes some getting used to… but we finally departed Tidewater Marina Portsmouth, VA at 0925 on our adventure cruising the Great Loop.  The odyssey begins.
A Farwell loop cake - everybody loves cake
Sean finds a comfortable spot to chill-lax

 Honey Fitz Portsmouth, VA - JFK's presidential yacht
We went out with the tide at about 8 MPH… the weather on the Chesapeake was a little choppy for the first couple of hours but things calmed down and we arrived at Dozier’s Marina in Deltaville at 5:00 PM… about a 65 mile trip.  All systems run well, no casualties –
 auto pilot is most excellent.
 Yes... Tamera brought her sewing machine
 Wolf Trap light - check out the outhouse on the left, that's a real outhouse
As we approached the slip we were greeted by David Hoyt the Dock Master who assisted getting us situated, great marina, beautiful facilities, and friendly people.  And they let us uses this cool battle wagon - the "Road Master".
Portside to - Dozier's Marine