Monday, September 30, 2013

Plan B
My apologies for the delay in up-dating our whereabouts… a lot of time and energy has been required to change our course of direction… and our Verizon Hotspot has been less than stellar… the bill has been right on time but the service has NOT…
We made a retreat Back down Lake Champlain finding a tranquil anchorage behind Schuyler Island – directly across the lake from Burlington, VT.  Sean and I hopped in the small boat and made our way ashore for a little exploring… 

Quick stops were made in Mechanicsburg, NY a great town with free dockage on a beautiful waterfront, Waterford, NY and down the Hudson River to Houghtailing Island were we spent another beautiful night anchored out.  As we made our way south we searched for replacement batteries to solve the electrical problem to no avail.
As we made our way back south thorough New
New York City Sean had the helm as we passed the Statue of Liberty – and we headed on to Shark River, NJ. Eventually we came upon a golf cart dealer at Cape May, NJ who was able to quickly supply us with replacement batteries.  It was a task for Sean and I to pull and replace all eight 75lbs batteries from the engine room – (I don’t think the rental car a Mini Cooper liked it either), but the result were worth the effort.  Once again, the hospitality of Mary & Scott Rae was greatly appreciated and we are looking forward to cruising with them in the future. 

 In the ever continuing battle of boat maintenance we ordered a starter for the generator and had it sent to Spencer P. in Virginia who later delivered it to when we went to our good friend- Master Chief Dan Boe’s retirement in Virginia Beach. Dan and his bride Heidi concluded a successful 30 year career with the U.S. Coast Guard – the organization will certainly miss his technical skills and leadership.
As we headed up Delaware Bay we made contact with another good friend, Bob Morrison. 

Bob, Sean, Tim and W.T
Bobs boat
Tim, Tamera and Sean
Sean and Tim getting ready to transit the C&D Canal
 He and his son Tim sailed down from Philadelphia to Delaware City to meet us. We had an excellent time day sailing Delaware Bay on his boat and passing through the C&D canal to Chesapeake City.
Bob and Tamera
 Spent a couple of days back in Norfolk, VA – where we started.  It was great to spend some time with our oldest son Spencer - and visit with friends.
Onslow Beach, NC
Spencer, Tamera and Sean Onslow Beach, NC
We made our way south to Goscaulk Marina on the New River in North Carolina, where we stayed for two weeks! The original vision was four days – but it was such a great place we had a hard time pulling up stakes.  We were fortunate that Spencer was able to visit us twice while there and celebrate his 21st Birthday.
Spencer's 21st Birthday
Underway breakfast
Traveling south we anchored in Wilmington, NC and pushed on to Southport, NC. for three days.  What an excellent place to stay – we had the opportunity to enjoy their Wooden Boat Show, free Maritime Museum and an outstanding candy shop.
Key West, FL here we come!
Sean's favorite artifact at the museum

 Of course Tamara loves a bad boy so she found a pirate to hang out with at the boat show…