Monday, February 18, 2013

February 2013
The weather has been relative cold here in Virginia – yeah, yeah, yeah I know not like Maine cold but cold to me… So we have been doing some interior work/decorating.  We started in the forward head…
·        New plumbing (removed the copper - on a boat are you kidding me?) replaced with flexible tubing

·        Replaced ugly faucet

·        Refinished the cabinet face

·        Restored the bright work

·        Added a working 12 Volt DC outlet /replaced 110 outlet w/GFIC

·        Added a new tile counter top
·        Fixed the overhead light
Looks can be deceiving... it was much worse than the photo reveals
Before, during and after - the tiles come from a inground pool my folks use to have in Connecticut. Sean and I set them in a clear epoxy to give the counter a smooth surface and some depth.
Next the master stateroom needed a paint job... Tamera was not enthused with the oatmeal color so she picked and painted the room sunshine yellow - excellent job.
I am still trying to figure out how to move the photos around and label them on the blog - amateurs...
After... oh yeah, the carpet did'nt go well with the yellow paint so we had to installed bamboo hardwood flooring. The yellow is much warmer in person -  reservations are required.

You can't have tile work, new floors and fresh paint in the staterooms without... new mattresses!! 'Sooo, Carol show us what's behind curtain number 2!...   Well Bob it's a brand new set of mattresses from Portland Mattress Makers!!  Yesss, the Kellys will be sleeping in comfort and style after a long hard day of boating and whatnot while cruising the Loop!'   
But wait - there's more... the master head can't be left to look second rate... how about a new color for the shower!  Yes, a complete epoxy sealer job with a pool grade epoxy paint in what other than
" Bikini Bottom" blue!  
Looking forward to better weather to go boatin …





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