Thursday, August 8, 2013

29 July – 1 August 2013
We arrive at the outpost of Gaines Marina Rouse Point, NY approximately one mile south of the Canadian border.
 Beautiful spot – most of the regulars are from Montreal about an hour away by car.  Arrangements have been made to forward mail here; we take on fuel - 220 gallons, give the boat a wash down - all looks right with the world.  The temperature is definitely cooler at 0600 it was 11celsius – getting ready for the break north (52degrees) – but it warmed up to 72 degrees.    

As it turns out two day priority delivery for here means four days…

So we entertain ourselves by going over charts, reading guide books practicing our French, walking the beautiful neighborhoods of the town and chatting with the marina regulars and locals, etc.
Gaines Marina, Rouse Point, NY

we spotted Captain America and his crew
 Tam spent time making delicious meals
Including home made pizza - crust and all...

Sean and I went to the Dodge Library circa 1927

and looked at interesting architectural details
Meanwhile in the background Tamera and I are having hard discussions about our present plans...

 As we sit on the Canadian border with the temperature dropping - and we review our plans we come to the conclusion that to start our Canadian adventure the first week of August is not prudent.

To spend the necessary time to explore and enjoy the rich history of Canada to include its canals systems of the Trent Severn Waterway - 45 locks, 240 miles, the Rideau Canal a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Northern Channel and Georgian Bay - approximately a 1200 mile trip -  we would not be to the top of Lake Michigan until the beginning of October. 
This by most accounts is not where Captain Ron, Kitty and Swab should be on a 36 foot fiberglass boat...
As the saying goes; 'You've got to have a plan to change the plan.'
 So we came to the conclusion we need to pull a one eighty and go south -
Florida here we come!
See you next year Canada




  1. Prob a good decision!! Dinner on me when you enter Portsmouth, if u decide to stop!! Paul

  2. Yay for warm weather. Looks like your adventure is going great! Nice pictures!