Saturday, July 20, 2013

14 July 2013

Still in New Jersey… We decided to take the New Jersey ICW today instead of going outside… BIG mistake.  After doing some research about the condition of the waterway after Hurricane Sandy it seemed doable. Nobody mentioned the thousands of horseflies’ in the Jersey swamps!!!  We were inundated by hundreds of biting green headed flies… Tamera thought she had joined a tennis team with all the swatting she was doing. After being bitten more times than I can count on the six mile journey we broke out to the open sea at Brigantine Inlet.  The NJICW was plenty deep and wide but the flies were not tolerable.
Barnegat Lighthouse
After pushing on for 40 miles or so we arrived at Barneget Inlet and spent the night at High Bar Harbor Yacht Club where we enjoyed the afternoon sun and a dip in the pool.  

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