Sunday, July 14, 2013

We awoke at Delaware City Marina to discover we had a teenager on board! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite teenager Sean Kelly as he turns 13 today! 
My favorite teenager Sean

We are heading south on Delaware Bay the weather looks like another winner. 
While we were out and about we did a little house hunting... Ship John Lighthouse Delaware Bay is up for sale! Starting bid is $30K - needs a little TLC (time/labor & cash)
Lots of big ships on Delaware Bay - heading to Philly or through the C&D Canal
 We anchored in the Cohansey River a tranquil looking fishing village about 40 miles shy of Cape May, NJ – a beautiful spot and we were the only boat in the anchorage.  Shortly after anchor detail we discovered why, as biting black and green flies swarmed us.  So we locked ourselves inside turned on the air conditioning and played board games as we celebrated Sean’s Birthday.


  1. From Joe, Joe, Pete, Moira, Alina, & Kai -

    Enjoyed the updates - will be in touch - Godspeed, a clear eye and a steady hand on the wheel...

  2. Happy birthday Sean!! Hey, maybe you should have asked for DEET as a bday gift!!