Saturday, July 20, 2013

16-17 July 2013

The push to the Big Apple… it was an early morning anchor detail and away we went.

With a clear sky and calm seas it was a good day to put our sights on New York City.  We rounded Sandy Hook and crossed Lower Bay before long the Verrazano Narrows Bridge came into view.

Verrazano Bridge in the haze

Swab and crew with NY,NY in the background
Postcard perfect photo of Lady Liberty
Ellis Island
Staten Island Ferry
Circle Line Tour boat
To my relief the harbor was not horror ably busy and we timed the tide just right.  We tied up at Liberty Landing Marina which technically has us still in NEW JERSEY!! - we can't seem to get out of the Garden State.  Just a quick ferry ride and we are in the heart of it...

No visit to New York is complete without a stop at Katz for a pastrami on rye

The view from the marina of New York was excellent day and night
Sea Chantey dockside... still in NewJersey

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  1. Your guys vacation is making me so jelious. Keep living it up, you give us all something to shoot for in the future. I wish you fair winds and following seas Kelly family!