Tuesday, July 30, 2013

21 July 2013
Underway here we go… heading up the Hudson on another beautiful day.  It’s amazing how many lighthouses are up the river… we found a nice anchorage behind Houghtailing Island about 20 miles short of Albany…wide with 15 feet of water, beautiful spot.  There were four or five other boats enjoying the location. The three of us took advantage of the fresh clear water and took a dip to cool off. We heard several eagles but only spotted one. There was a train track several hundred yards away and a train would go by every couple of hours… if you gave them a wave they would blast their horn.... all part of the charm of the location.
Converted to a B&B

We lowered the mast for several upcoming low bridges
 Waterford, NY town wharf visitor center - free dockage for 48 hours
Hannaford's allowed people at the Waterford dock to barrow carts for groceries - then sent a truck to pick them up later - good business sense

 Sean loving the WI-FI

Tamera and Sean on the Champlain Trail

 Taking care of the essentials

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