Saturday, July 13, 2013


Heading up the Chesapeake… We got underway at a reasonable hour and all was right with the world. Our destination Fairlee Creek a popular anchorage.   Arriving in the late afternoon it was crowded with people enjoying the 4th of July week/end, so we had plenty of entertainment.  Even so there were still plenty of excellent spots to anchor.  Swab manned the anchor detail and the Admiral supervised… all went well.  We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and tooling around in the small boat.  To our surprise there was a fireworks display at the entrance to the cove - we had prime seats on the fly-bridge. Not a bad ending to an excellent day.
Arriving at Failee Creek
Swab getting the small boat ready 
A fish-eye view of Sea Chantey
It's five o'clock somewhere... somebody needs to get on that bright work 

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