Saturday, July 20, 2013

9 - 12 July 2013

This morning we are on our way to Cape May, NJ.  An early AM departure the sky was overcast, a bit of a chop with winds out of the SW 10 – 15 knots.  As we moved on the weather deteriorated and the bay showed us her ugly side…but fortunately it was a short trip to the Cape May canal. After being beat down on the lower Delaware Bay we retreated to Utschs Marina, in operation since 1951 in the heart of Cape May. 
Red sky at night sailors delight
For dinner we went for pizza at Cappelletti – better know to locals as Cappy’s – great NY style pie – another establishment that has been a part of the Cape May experience forever.
 When we were here a couple of weeks ago to witness Spencer become a member of the USCG we meet Scott and Mary Rae they told us to give them a call when we pass through – we did.  They are such great people… we can’t thank them enough for their hospitality… you’ve heard the saying ‘dinner and a movie’, Scott and Mary offered us dinner and a laundry.  There is nothing better than that to boat people – we really appreciated their generosity and great company.
Tamera, Scott, Mary and Bill - Dinner at the Rae's House

As far as the weather goes – Cape May has it ample share of fog.  Not just a lite morning fog but an all day long London detective novel kind of fog – something I was not willing to go boating in.  So we stayed in Cape May and enjoyed the Victorian charm.  As we made a departure on day four we were blanketed by a thick fog at the jetty… we made a hasty retreat to the anchorage off USCG Training Center to wait it out...

Some light reading and engine room maintenance while waiting out the fog
-  no I'm not naked ...and how come I don't get a cocktail?

Day five in Cape May we were successful at getting out –
 but still in a light fog – on to Atlantic City, NJ.       


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